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Peas on mat
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Our Microgreens are “PURE” because other than light and filtered water there are no other additives to our plants; no fertilizers or pesticides are used.


We source our seeds from organic and non-GMO registered suppliers only. All seeds we use are non-GMO, are pesticide free and untreated. Many of the seed varieties are “heirloom” and “open pollinated”.

Growing Medium: Mats vs Soil

Seeds are sown on coconut coir matting. Coconut coir is the hairy husk of a coconut. It used to be discarded, it is now used for many useful purposes. Coir matting is great for growing microgreens. It allows air to circulate around the base of the developing plants reducing the incidence of mold and rot it also encourages strong root growth. A strong root structure provides better more succulent plants.  It provides air pockets for the roots reducing the likelihood of rot.

The micro-greens are packaged while still growing on the mats and will continue to thrive for several days (up to a week). You cut the microgreens as you need them therefore non of the goodness of the plant is lost.

Why we don’t grow in soil:

  • soils can contain pathogens which can inadvertently be spread to the plant.
  • plants in soil cannot be delivered to restaurants.
  • plants cannot be shipped in soil as contamination will occur.


We do not use pesticides or fertilizers on the plants, ever.
The only inputs are filtered water and light.